Lightworks Stage Productions utilizes a vast inventory of the most technologically advanced lighting and special effects equipment available in order to give our clients seemingly infinite options when designing an event. In addition, we carry almost all of the most popular standard theatrical and stage fixtures that the industry has relied on year after year.



Intelligent Lighting                                               

Martin Mac 700’s 

Martin Mac Aura

Meteor Vivo                                                                       

HES Studio Spot 250

Inventory Photos 43

Inventory Photos 44Inventory Photos 101

HES Studio Color 575





LED Fixtures

Chauvet Colorado Tri Tour

Inventory Photos 88Inventory Photos 17

Inventory Photos 9

Chauvet ColorDash Batten Tri

Chauvet ColorDash

Chauvet SlimPar Tri

Chauvet SlimPar RGBA

Chauvet Colorado Batten 72



Conventional Fixtures

ETC SourceFour lekos

ETC SourceFour pars


Par fixtures of ALL sizes




Jands Hog 500

Jands Vista

LSC Clarity 

ETC SmartFade